Your Hope Coin's Ripple Journey

Hope id: NUL0055797

Hope Warrior: Tammy
Tell us how you received your Hope Coin

I am partnered with a Company (NUL) that is involved in the Hands For Hope Campaign. 

Tell us about the kind act you did to give your Hope Coin away

I wrote a letter of thanks to my cousin Lenia for doing good deeds for my mom and dad. I don’t live in the same town as my parents so it’s difficult for me to help them out as often as i would like to in person due to the distances between us as well as the Covid concerns. My Dad isn’t in the best of health so its a risk for family members to visit my parents home often. Lenia my cousin is close by and she always checks with my parents to see if they need any thing from the grocery store or anything at all! She has went many times to the stores to get things and bring those things to them as they need them. I can’t afford much to show my appreciation due to our budget but I wrote her check for $30 for her to enjoy. It‘s not much but it’s something! I also included a Hands For Hope coin and I feel that is even more meaningful than any amount of money that a person could receive! 

It is with honor to pass this coin along to her to show just how much I appreciate her doing good things for my parents and that I love her and I thank her for all that she does! 

State: Georgia
City: Tunnel Hill
Date: 06 Feb 2021