Your Hope Coin's Ripple Journey

Hope id: NUL0042793

Hope Warrior: Margi
Tell us how you received your Hope Coin

I received my coin from someone I grew up with who became interested in the new business I started during 2020. She gifted me several products that I use and this enabled me to do some work for others and give them joy.

Tell us about the kind act you did to give your Hope Coin away

There is a home for victims of human trafficking where the residents spend time being rehabilitated back into society with job skills, life skills and building back their spirits. I received several pairs of beautiful handmade earrings from a friend and she said you know someone you could give these to. At that moment I didn't have any idea what I would do with them but the idea occured to me to make a Valentine's treat bag for these ladies.  My 3 year old grandson shopped with me and helped to put the bags together. Their resident director met me yesterday to pick them up. I felt such a sense of love to give to 7 people who did not expect the gift and will not be able to return to me. I hope this gift will encourage them in their journey to recovery.

State: Tennessee
City: Lynchburg
Date: 11 Feb 2021
Hope Warrior: Linda
Tell us how you received your Hope Coin

From New U Lfe

Tell us about the kind act you did to give your Hope Coin away

I decided to back track just a little to Christmas, days before my coins arrived…. because I know my dear friend MargI will give from her heart as well.  Knowing that Margo had been doing a beautiful job bringing furniture pieces back to life;   The Lord laid it on my heart to contact her out of the blue and ask her if there was a special project that she could use some paints for that I would like to gift to her?   Delighted that she said “yes”🤗.  She had an old jelly cabinet that was her mom’s that she wanted to redo for her daughter.  ❤️  I gifted her with more than enough to do the project, plus enough to do something for a friend.  In messaging this week…. it is Margi’s desire to have a project a week to supplement her retirement income.  With the beautiful work she does on furniture and counter tops, I’m praying she will have more than enough coming in.  I’m elated to be a part of the passing down of her family heirloom furniture piece.  May her daughter enjoy it for years to come. 

State: Georgia
City: Ray City
Date: 19 Jan 2021