Your Hope Coin's Ripple Journey

Hope id: NUL0023746

Hope Warrior: Arleen
Tell us how you received your Hope Coin

Annette sent me two coins …This is my second one to give out.

Annette sent me 20 postage stamps ,since I use them a lot with sending out my cards I make. 

This is my second coin, I sent out.

Tell us about the kind act you did to give your Hope Coin away

 I bought a watercolor set for a friend ,who loves my art and wants to learn how to do it. I thought it would be a perfect time to send her a starter kit with a card and coin separate. The kit has watercolor set , watercolor paper and brushes.  Since ,it was being sent by Amazon, sorry there is no picture to turn in.  Vanessa had cancer and seems to be doing better. I thought it would give her some enjoyment making beautiful art. 

State: Georgia
City: Augusta
Date: 25 Feb 2021