Your Hope Coin's Ripple Journey

Hope id: 0187330

Hope Warrior: Lynn
Tell us how you received your Hope Coin

I purchased thru Flag For Hope.

Tell us about the kind act you did to give your Hope Coin away

One of our leaders Chris, suggested that we connect with someone on the street we live in and share a small token, a coin, and let them know that they were highly regarded by people on the street/in the area.  I decided to go outside my neighborhood.  I had to deliver something to my sons house today.  I always have a “Bag of Hope” with me these days if the opportunity to give one out is presented.  I remembered this special young lady, named Katherine who lives on a street in his neighborhood.  I dropped a bag of Hope off in her mailbox.  It had a coin, a piece of chocolate and a note.  I let her know that when I think of her I think of kindness and hope.  I explained the company I work with started a kindness/hope movement and to pass it along.

State: Massachusetts
City: Buzzards Bay
Date: 01 Feb 2021