Your Hope Coin's Ripple Journey

Hope id: 0094974

Hope Warrior: Heather
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A kind friend from Utah mailed me a gift card and coin ❤️ 

Tell us about the kind act you did to give your Hope Coin away

My thoughtful, kind and dear friend sent me this coin back in December. It brightened my day during an extremely difficult time, mourning the loss of my mother-in-law. It was 6 months after her passing and would be her first Christmas in heaven. I held on to the coin with the mission to do one RAK each month until June, in honor of my mother-in-law. 


This coin has accompanied me each month on RAK missions! All with notes of hope left for recipients:

-Christmas treats to random strangers with notes of hope.

-caroling at local senior centers 

during the holidays with cards of hope.

-feminine hygiene and beauty product bag made for local teens with notes of hope.

-5 dozen Easter baskets made for local seniors with notes of love & hope.

-clothing bags made and donated to a local foster organization for immediate needs 

-and TODAY: We started at a Chik-Fil-A drive thru where we bought chocolate chip cookies in support of their giving campaign for the Boise Rescue Mission & sent cookies to strangers behind us in the car line. We then drove to Starbucks and bought the gentleman behind us his drink and asked the barista to hand him his note of hope and hope coin.

THIS COIN has given ME so much hope and joy and I hope that it continues. Thank you to my dear friend Monet for the love and thoughtfulness AND for the inspiration to serve love & joy!!!

State: Idaho
City: Boise
Date: 03 Jun 2021
Hope Warrior: Monet
Tell us how you received your Hope Coin

I am the first person to pass along this Hope Coin. 

Tell us about the kind act you did to give your Hope Coin away

I sent my dear friend in Idaho a gift card to Starbucks to brighten her day! ☕️ 

State: Utah
City: Sandy
Date: 12 Dec 2020